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Re'im in Hebrew means friends; Benny Rosenbaum and Yisrael Gottesdiener have been together as singing partners and friends since the day they met and formed their "Chalutzim Duo" in the IDF over 45 years ago.

This upbeat and innovative pair, one of Israel's top entertainment groups, focuses their energy on the music of Israel, the music that speaks to the Jewish soul.

They have published their music worldwide, won several Chassidic Music Festivals, and gained recognition for their special contribution to Hebrew music from Bar-Ilan University in 2009.

Duo Re'im, with or without their band, conduct their show in such a way that the audience becomes part of it by participating and singing (maybe even dancing) along with them.

צמד רעים 2016 © Duo Reim 2016

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